The International Diversity Conference for Business Leaders



    Make a DEIfference! 


  • Diversity & inclusion are more than just buzzwords: it’s a purpose 


    In 2023, more and more business leaders look at the bigger picture and focus on meaningful long-term impact rather than temporary gains. Purpose-driven leaders care about their organization and the impact they are making on society as a whole. According to research, a growing number of people expect business leaders to make ethically responsible choices and prioritize the greater good. Years of crises created many challenges in the workplace: quiet quitting, burnout, employee well-being, etc., which require better decisions that align with purpose and values.



    Organizations, now more than ever, are investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Business leaders who promote openness also have the power to inspire others top down and create lasting social change.


    Many new talent today, especially Gen Z, would choose to work at a company that is both socially and environmentally responsible. Future generations will also look at businesses and question the impact they have created on the world.



    At OPEN Conference 2023, we are ready to dive into these questions together with top local and global experts, business leaders, decision makers, and role models.


    We curate the conference program to cover the most relevant topics in the business community right now, such as purpose-driven leadership, belonging in the workplace, social responsibility and impact, and many more.


  • Participants

    Cross-functional cooperation is essential to build diverse companies. Thus OPEN Conference is designed for:


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    The business case and helicopter view on diversity as a whole, thought-provoking discussions, peer diversity champions, insights on inclusive leadership, and inspiration for various company functions will await you.

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    HR Decision Makers

    Best practices from the most influential HR professionals, peers from an international audience, eye-opening fireside chats, widely adaptable ideas and insights into how other corporate functions can cooperate towards diversity will await you.

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    Communications Decision Makers

    Thought-provoking fireside chats and powerful media personalities gather to collect insights from. You will have chance to re-shape your messages, act as a drive of cross-functional cooperation, thus increasing employee satisfaction, the effectiveness of employer branding and corporate reputation.

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    Executive Sponsors of Diversity

    The international forum of diversity champions, best practices from diversity advocate global companies covering a wide variety of topics (LGBTQ people, women, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities at the workplace), decision makers from different functions and easily adaptable creative ideas will await you.

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    Employee Resource Group Members

    As the engine of an open corporate culture, you will benefit from understanding how each corporate functions can help you with your mission. Additionally, you will see best practices from diversity champion companies on how they leverage their resource groups to build openness.

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    NGOs, Academics

    OPEN welcomes representatives of NGOs, academics as well as policy makers. If you are unsure about the relevance of the conference for you, do not hesitate to ask our team.

  • OPEN Conference is more than just another diversity conference

    OPEN Conference is organized by WeAreOpen, which was co-founded by Google, espell, and Prezi in Hungary. It is currently a community of over 1,000 companies and organizations. WeAreOpen’s mission is to show millions of people that openness is a value for organizations. We help businesses and employees experience, learn and demonstrate the benefits of inclusion. We do so through building the community of openness-promoting businesses and employees, offering services and insights, and creating campaigns with a coalition of businesses to show to millions that it is worth to be open.


    We offer our unique approach as a starting point for others, as we share our network, experience, and expertise in order to create positive change together. We have local, regional and international businesses and organizations we cooperate with to make all of these happen.

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