• The meeting point for decision-makers who are driving their businesses toward openness.

    A hybrid experience.

    200+ attendees, sold out events

    50+ decision makers from Fortune 500 Companies

    30+ speakers, panelists and workshop facilitators

    From 10+ countries and 3 continents

  • In between two OPEN Conferences, join an #IamRemarkable workshop for free!

    We are excited to present our video interview with Anna Vainer, founder of #IamRemarkable at Google about their initiative and how self-promotion can successfully boost inclusive corporate culture. This year at OPEN Conference we organized #IamRemarkable workshops with additional presentations on Google’s innovative method. We are beyond excited to announce that we will bring you #IamRemarkable workshops in 2021 as well: dates are coming soon! To secure your access to our workshops, we kindly encourage you to register your interest via the button below. We will get back to you with attendance details soon: stay tuned!

    About the initiative: #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Google is a founding member and sponsor of WeAreOpen.

  • The agenda and the speakers of OPEN Conference 2021 are coming soon!


    Until then, please meet the OPEN Conference 2020




    Morgan Stanley​

    Helen-Alice Miranda


    Therese Noorlander








  • OPEN Spotlight Award

    The OPEN Spotlight Award at OPEN Conference aims to share the spotlight with all of those leading businesses and organizations that master the following categories.

    Nominating your story is free of charge. Read more about the criteria here.

    Engine of Change

    stories of people who drove an organization toward greater openness

    We See You Here

    stories of the change that a more realistic representation of people, minorities brought to companies and communities

    Innovation through Diversity

    stories of how a diverse group leveraged their different background as part of innovating

    Excellence in Belonging

    stories of how creating an open corporate culture contributed to the sense of belonging

  • OPEN Conference is more than just another diversity conference

    OPEN Conference is organized by WeAreOpen, which was co-founded by Google, espell, and Prezi in Hungary. It is currently a community of over 1,000 companies and organizations. WeAreOpen’s mission is to show millions of people that openness is a value for organizations. We help businesses and employees experience, learn and demonstrate the benefits of inclusion. We do so through building the community of openness-promoting businesses and employees, offering services and insights, and creating campaigns with a coalition of businesses to show to millions that it is worth to be open.

    We offer our unique approach as a starting point for others, as we share our network, experience, and expertise in order to create positive change together. We have local, regional and international businesses and organizations we cooperate with to make all of these happen.

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