• OPEN Spotlight Award

    We launched the OPEN Spotlight Award to shine the spotlight on organizations that have gone through an inspiring journey in which they worked for diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to cultivate an international community of business and experts promoting openness, who inspire each other by sharing stories and knowledge and lead by example to start positive changes on a large scale.

    Make your work shine through the OPEN Spotlight Award if…

    The OPEN Spotlight Award is for organizations that have gone through an inspiring journey in which they worked for diversity and inclusion. It features companies who are willing to talk about these challenges, and how they have mastered them to become a source of inspiration for others.


    Tell your unique story and inspire others

    We are looking for case studies that demonstrate the challenges and impact of building a more open, diverse and inclusive work environment.


    Who is qualified to shine through the OPEN Spotlight Award?

    Businesses, small and large alike, and experts from a wide variety of backgrounds (creative industry, architecture, communications, etc.) may share their stories.
    We accept nominations from Europe. The awards may or may not be divided based on geographic regions.
    The nominated stories shall come from the past two years or from 2019 (2018-2020).


    The impact of sharing your story

    • Leading by example: The collection of the shortlisted nominations will be published as an e-book distributed by WeAreOpen to inspire many other organizations out there.
    • Speaking opportunity: Shortlisted organizations will get an invitation to speak at the OPEN Conference.
    • Receiving the OPEN Spotlight Award: The winners will be announced and will get their Award on the first day of OPEN Conference.
    • Belonging to the OPEN Community: To be able to build their belonging to the community of openness-promoting organizations, for the shortlisted works, we offer two free and additional discounted tickets (35% discount from the Regular Two-Days Ticket price) for OPEN Conference 2020 and two discounted tickets for OPEN Conference 2021.

    OPEN Spotlight Award Categories

    • Engine of Change: stories of people who drove an organization toward greater openness
    • Innovation through Diversity: stories of how a diverse group leveraged their different background as part of innovating
    • Excellence in Belonging: stories of how creating an open corporate culture contributed to the sense of belonging
    • We See You Here: stories of the change that a more realistic representation of people, minorities brought to companies and communities

    Nominations and Review Timeline

    • Nominations close:  15 Oct 2020 (23:59 CET)
    • Shortlist announced: 20 Oct 2020
    • Judging sessions start: 20 Oct  2020
    • Awards ceremony at OPEN Conference:  12 Nov
    • The timeline may be subject to change.

    There is no nomination fee.

  • Instructions

      1. Please ensure the submission is prepared in the manner you would like it to be seen as WeAreOpen will not make any corrections. 
      2. WeAreOpen reserves the rights to edit the submission as it deems necessary.
      3. Stories submitted for an OPEN Spotlight Award may be featured on our website as a case study in the Resources page.
      4. We may share stories that inspire others in order to reach positive change on a large scale. 
      5. Nyitottakvagyunk.hu is a bilingual site available in Hungarian and English. This allows organizations and people not just in Hungary, but all around the world to have access to important diversity and inclusion information. If you are a Hungarian organization, we strongly recommend you share the case study in both languages so people around the world may benefit from your experiences. WeAreOpen will not be able to translate the case studies.
      6. Organizations not based in Hungary who would like to share their story may do so only in English. Note in that case, your story will appear only in the English language version of our website.
      7. Send any questions you may have to openspotlight@weareopen.hu

    1. OPEN Spotlight Award 2019 Award Winners!

      Congratulations to all the winners

      Engine of Change

      BlackRock Hungary Kft.

      BT RoC Hungary

      Citibank Europe Plc. Magyaroszági Fióktelepe

      ExxonMobil Global Business Center Hungary

      Shell Hungary zRt

      Winners: Citibank Europe Plc. Magyaroszági Fióktelepe

      Silver - BlackRock Hungary Kft and Shell Hungary zRt

      Bronze - BT RoC Hungary

      Special Mention - ExxonMobil Global Business Center Hungary

      Mission Possible

      Magyar Telekom Plc.

      MOL Nyrt


      Winners: Magyar Telekom Plc

      Silver - MOL Nyrt

      Special Mention - SignCoders

      Excellence in Belonging

      BP GBS Europe

      Eaton Enterprises (Hungary) Kft.

      MOL NYRT - INA



      Winners: Eaton Enterprises (Hungary) Kft

      Silver - MOL NYRT - INA

      Bronze - BP GBS Europe

      Special Mention - Nielsen & Telenor

      We See You Here

      The Coca-Cola Company, Hungary

      Winners: The Coca-Cola Company, Hungary

      No other awards were given out in this category

      Innovation through Diversity

      MOL Romania

      Special Mention: MOL Romania

      No other awards were given out in this category

    2. The creative mind behind the OPEN Spotlight Award trophies

      Rebeka Rácz

      Meet the amazing Hungarian artist who designed the OPEN Spotlight Award trophies this year: Rebeka Rácz! After completing her design and art theory studies, Rebeka Rácz learned the art of ceramics in an autodidact way. Accepting and highlighting randomness and imperfection is important in her work. She approaches design and creation in an unconventional way, her works reflect freedom and character.

      You can see Rebeka's work on Squarespace and Instagram