• OPEN Backstage @ OPEN Conference

    Special Edition

    WeAreOpen's beloved event series comes to OPEN Conference.

    We invite the community of WeAreOpen to join us backstage once a month with a variety of diverse programs featuring both the corporate and cultural world. We involve artists and experts to help us better understand the complexity of diversity and inclusion through artworks, movies, performances, and more.


    The details of OPEN Backstage @ OPEN Conference Special Edition to follow, stay tuned!

  • Stay tuned! We keep updating this page with the cultural program offerings of OPEN Conference.

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Meet Jamie & Jamie and explore the gender imbalance with the help of VR!

    With the help of its founder, we will bring "Jamie & Jamie" to OPEN Conference. You will be able to experience gender imbalance in a truly different way while trying out the Virtual Reality game at OPEN Conference. Don't be shy!

    “Jamie & Jamie” is an exploration of gender dynamics through transforming a traditional shooting game in Virtual Reality into a mission to complete a domestic task. Two players are armed with an iron against a flying barrage of dirty clothes and must work together to get the house in order. The project is created by Fanni Fazakas who is the founder and creative director at OCG Media - an award-winning art and immersive studio located in Budapest and Vienna. The team at OCG is passionate about creating unparalleled Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality experiences.