• Delivered by role models and international diversity experts from Fortune 500 companies, startups, and global initiatives.


    The two-day program brings to you the latest trends, inspires positive changes, and equips you with best practices. As a point of reference, you may want to check out the agenda of the previous OPEN Conference.


    This year, OPEN Conference will bring to the spotlight the following angles. You may find a reference to these next to each program. Our intention is to help you set up your day the way that is the most suitable for your organization's needs.


    Engine of Change: people who drove an organization toward greater openness


    Innovation through Diversity: how a diverse group leveraged their different background as part of innovating


    Mission Possible: how diversity and inclusion supported the core business of a company


    Excellence in Belonging: how creating an open corporate culture contributed to the sense of belonging


    We See You Here: the change that a more realistic representation of people, minorities brought to companies and communities


    OPEN 2029: Changing landscape that may influence the D&I discourse, initiatives, and challenges in the future

  • Plenary sessions

    Global perspective, role models, and data you can rely on.


    Get inspired by case studies, discussions, and on-stage interviews.

    Deep dive day

    Focus on deep-dive discussions on a variety of the most pressing diversity and inclusion topics.


    Meet, talk and laugh with over 200 business leaders from Europe and beyond.

    Cultural programs

    Contemporary art exhibition, VR installation, and more!

    Award-giving ceremony

    We hand out the first OPEN Spotlight Awards!

  • Conference Day - 6 November - Budapest Music Center

    We keep updating this page, please come back to stay tuned!
    The program may be subject to change.

    9:30 - 9:40 - Welcome and opening

    Melinda Miklós, CEO, WeAreOpen

    *Innovation Through Diversity* 9:40-10:00: How Diversity and inclusion drive innovation
    Anke den Ouden, Regional General Manager, Microsoft, Nadya Aneva, Business manager Microsoft
    Different experiences, backgrounds, and viewpoints in life lead to different solutions - why not use this as a source of innovation? Learn the experience of those who already consciously build on diversity as an asset for innovation.

    *OPEN 2029* 10:00-10:20 New age of corporate roles? Increasing expectations towards companies and CEOs

    People trust more in companies and company leaders to do the right thing than they trust in most of the other social actors. What are the implications of this growing trend? How does it translate today's actions and what are the key takeaways for leaders for the close and more distant future?

    *Excellence in Belonging* 10:20-10:35 How storytelling can support an inclusive company culture
    Kevin A. Murray, CEO for Central-Europe and Country Head for Hungary

    *Excellence in Belonging* 10:35-10:45 Living Library powered by Citi

    10:45 - 11:00 Networking Break

    *OPEN 2029* 11:00- 11:40 Multidisciplinary effort to understand the driving forces behind the current and future trends of the diversity and inclusion discourse
    Panel Discussion
    Michal Myck, Director and Member of the Board, CENEA, Jaquelyn Reeves Executive Training Professional, Reeves3C Consulting, & TBA

    The next level of building an open corporate culture, successfully working for diversity and inclusion, requires the understanding of a broader landscape that affects people’s life, thinking, and expectations. With the help of experts from various fields we aim to understand the key influencing factors behind the current trends that should be considered when working for D&I in the future.

    *Excellence in Belonging* 11:40-11:50 Living Library powered by Citi

    *Innovation Through Diversity* 11:50-12:10 Disruptors at the workplace - Utilizing team diversity to supercharge product innovation
    Karolina Marzantowicz, The Heart, Head of Blockchain
    Meet a former CTO of IBM, an entrepreneur, and executive advisor. Karolina will share how she could build on team diversity when delivering innovative solutions.

    *Excellence in Belonging* 12:10-12:20 Living Library powered by Citi

    *We See You Here* 12:20-12:40 Surprise from WeAreOpen
    Melinda Miklós, CEO, WeAreOpen

    *OPEN 2029* 12:40 -12:50 Using VR To Create Empathic Experiences
    Fanni Fazekas, VR Artist, OG Media

    12:50 - 14:00 Networking Lunch

    14:00-14:30 Presenting shortlisted OPEN Spotlight Award Case Studies

    *We See You Here*  14:30 - 15:10 Challenging the stereotypes

    Panel discussion
    Maria Bogdán, Researcher, Media theorist, Heidelberg University

    Sarolta Gál, Strategy Director DDB

    Veronika Hermann, Assistant Professor, ELTEJudit Szűcs, Public Affairs and Communication Lead, Coca Cola
    Meet some of the most discussed ads that touched stereotypes and created a debate, then look further. With the help of experts and company representatives, we aim to discuss why the representation - and what sort of representation - of minority groups matter in ads, in the media, and in popular culture in general, how it can initiate change in society and how companies can get involved.

    15:10-15:20 Mini Break

    15:20 - 16:00 UNCONFERENCE

    *Mission Possible* 15:20 - 16:00 The Europe-wide cooperation of small and large businesses to support underrepresented groups in business with a focus on the LGBTI community and the idea of Supplier Diversity.
    Ludo Swinnen International Contact Center Leader at Raiffeisen Bank International, Vienna, Austria, Co-founder East meets West & EGLCC,

    and TBA

    16:00-16:10 Mini Break

    14:00-14:30 Presenting shortlisted OPEN Spotlight Award Case Studies

    *Excellence in Belonging* 14:30 - 15:10 Taking Diversity and Inclusion to the Next Level - Cultivating a sense of belonging
    Panel discussion

    It is proven by research, that belonging has a strong correlation to engagement, commitment and motivation at the workplace. In this panel discussion, we invited HR leaders and professionals to discuss how to take diversity and inclusion to the next level to effectively create a culture where employees feel confident to express their true selves.





    15:10-15:20 Mini Break

    15:20 - 16:00 UNCONFERENCE

    *Mission Possible* 15:20 - 16:00 Is gender a synonym for women?
    Olga Kordys-Kozierowska – CEO Success Written in Lipstick Foundation






    16:00-16:10 Mini Break


    *We See You Here*  16:10-16:50 The power of representation - a first-hand experience

    Panel discussion



    *Mission Possible* 16:50-17:15 Closing Keynote


    OPEN Spotlight Award - Award Giving Ceremony & OPEN Backstage event


    18:30-21:30 Details to be announced soon.

  • Deep Dive Day - 7 November - Hosted by WeAreOpen's Sponsors

    Venues to be announced.

    *Engine of Change* 10:00-12:00 Learn to handle difficult discussions
    Andrew Hefler, Chief Trainer, Dramatrix
    Building an open corporate culture will require to get involved in discussions from time to time that are sensitive, and where personal and business-related stakes are high. Be empowered to handle it well.

    12:00-13:00 Break, sandwiches


    Between 13:00-16:00:

    *Engine of Change* Toolkit for building impactful employee networks
    Ludo Swinnen, International Contact Center Leader at Raiffeisen Bank International, Vienna, Austria, Co-founder East meets West & EGLCC

    *Mission Possible* What is the word for ’unconscious bias’ in Hungarian? - tackling unconscious bias in Hungarian organizations at a large scale
    Éva Zanin, Sustainability senior manager, D&I officer of Magyar Telekom Plc.
    Building on global best practices when developing an open-source Unconscious bias e-Learning platform for Hungarian businesses.


    *Excellence in Belonging* 10:00-12:00 Who’s the boss? Who’s the best?
    Creating inclusive teams in specific contexts: German and American teams

    Jaquelyn Reeves, Executive Training Professional, Reeves3C Consulting
    Meet and get inspired by Jaquelyn Reeves, one of the shortlisted people on the European Diversity Award, who will lead you through the process of creating new awareness of unseen or hidden dynamics in the workplace to be able to build inclusive teams.
    The world is interconnected and interdependent, and so are teams. Dive into this two-hour intensive look at working globally together in teams, in this case two superpowers, Germany and the US. We will look at a case study of a team based between Bavaria and Houston, Texas and discover our biases, stereotypes, and preferences for who we work well with and what may surprise. You will have the opportunity to brainstorm and speculate and most of all share your stories of what you have seen in teamwork. Together we will create a space of creativity and growth, new inspiration and know-how to take with you on your journey.


    12:00-13:00 Break, sandwiches


    Between 13:00-16:00:

    *Excellence in Belonging* Need a checklist? - First steps towards inclusion
    Although there is no one size fits all solutions, sometimes a helpful guideline, an almost-checklist could come handy, especially when starting something new. Come and meet the organization that is ready to share how they started building inclusion.


    *Excellence in Belonging* Inclusion with the help of good design